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IDEO pictogrammes magnétiques


Double-sided Magnetic Door Hanger

Vertical magnetic door hanger with 10 placeholders on each side to put magnetic pictograms.

Can be posted on a door knob, drawer or cabinet. They stick to any magnetic surface.

Available as a unit, in packs of 2 or 10 door hangers. 


Magnetic Support for Working Area


The magnetic support (8" x 3.5") is ideal for fixing pictograms on a desk or any other work surface. To fix the magnetic support on a work surface, apply two strips of Velcro included on the back of the magnetic support. Then attach the other two Velcro strips on the desk of any other woking area you have selected prior. Make sure the surface is clean and free of dirt before applying the Velcro strips. Apply the magnetic support on the desk and you are now ready to place the pictograms. 



Portable Kit

A polyester carrier that holds a mini magnetic panel to accommodate up to 8 magnetic pictograms (4 on each side), for any outdoor activity or special outing. The magnetic panel is inserted in the carrier and protected by a clear vinyl pocket. A zippered pouch allows for convenient storage of pre-selected magnets for a given activity. This portable system also includes a dry erase black marker and 6 blank magnets allowing the user to draw images and facilitate communication when an unexpected situation occurs. The marker slides conveniently into one of the two pen holders. The portable system can be carried at the belt (using a snap ring) or at the neck (using a 36-inch lanyard).

  • 1 x polyester carrier with zippered pouch and marker holder
  • 1 x 2-sided mini magnetic board
  • 1 x dry erase black marker
  • 1 x snap ring
  • 1 x 36-inch lanyard



IDEOtag is a magnetic frame to identify a person, a place, an object, etc. 




IDEOstatik is a reusable and repositionable electrostic layer that adheres to any smooth surface. You can easily create a pictogram sequence, schedule or routine. Its smooth surface allows you to write using a dry erase marker (not included). Ideal for the fridge or filing cabinet.  
Size 11" x 8-1/4".

Pictograms not included.


Magnetic Board

This magnetic board (14" x 8.5") is versatile with its thousand and one possible uses!

Use it as a reward chart, to plan your day, plan your child's extracurricular activities or appointments! Customize the board using a dry erase marker (not included).

Put the magnetic board on a metallic surface (fridge, file cabinet or other), or hang it on the wall with a small nail (not included).

Board only. Pictograms not included.


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