Magnetic Door Hanger

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Keep your pictograms organized and portable


Composed of 10 placeholders on each side to put your magnetic pictograms (not included), the IDEOpicto Magnetic Door Hanger can be hung on a door, drawer or cabinet handle. It also adheres to any magnetic surface.

Portable and useful, simply hang from a handle, a hook or a drawer knob, or simply hang it or drop it at the desired location. The receptive function of the magnetism of the door hanger makes it possible to put the IDEOpicto Magnetic Pictograms. In addition, its original magnetic composition makes it possible to put the Magnetic Door Hanger on the refrigerator or a metal surface (a die or a rack, for example).

It is RECOMMENDED to use the magnetic door hanger in a vertical position. In this way, the magnetic attraction between the magnetic pictograms and the door hanger is at its maximum. When the magnetic pictograms are affixed to the placeholders on the door hanger, they adhere firmly to it.

Say goodbye to the sticker, tape and magnetic tape! You can now carry your magnetic pictograms everywhere, without fear of damaging your walls or devices.

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