Protection Kit - COVID-19 Edition

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Pictograms for a better understanding of hygiene and social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic


The Protection Kit COVID-19 Edition is the perfect visual tool for a better understanding of hygiene and social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Magnetic pictograms are 4 x 4 cm (1.5 x 1.5 inches).

Ideal for all children and adults, perfect for home and outings, child care, schools and all places where rules of hygiene and social distancing are in place.


  • 70 magnetic pictograms in English
  • 1 x double-sided magnetic door hanger



  • 20 seconds
  • ask for help
  • stop
  • wait your turn
  • do not kiss
  • do not hug
  • tied hair
  • tie your hair
  • respect the rules
  • 3 feet away (1 meter away - metric)
  • 6 feet away (2 meters away - metric)
  • school
  • get undressed
  • enter alone
  • enter
  • sneeze in your elbow
  • remove gloves
  • put on gloves
  • daycare
  • put hydroalcoholic gel (pump)
  • put hydroalcoholic gel (distributor)
  • stay in your group
  • get dressed
  • put away your toys in your bin
  • turn off the tap with the paper
  • rub your fingertips
  • rub your hands
  • wash your hands
  • wash the top of your hands
  • wash between your fingers
  • wash your wrists
  • wash your hands
  • wet your hands (20 seconds)
  • do not shake hands
  • turn on the tap
  • wash your thumbs
  • rinse your hands
  • dry your hands
  • put your hands on your thighs
  • home
  • lower the bottom of the mask to the chin
  • place the rigid edge of the mask up
  • put the mask in the laundry basket
  • put on your mask
  • mold the rigid edge of the mask on the nose
  • do not touch other people’s mask
  • do not touch your mask
  • lift the top of the mask over your nose
  • remove your mask
  • hold your mask by the strings
  • mask
  • do not lend equipment
  • blow your nose
  • throw away your tissue
  • do not touch the door handles
  • do not touch your face
  • do not touch
  • decontaminated objects
  • contaminated objects
  • open the door with paper
  • stay seated at your place
  • stay on the circle
  • put soap
  • exit
  • go to the toilet
  • cough in your elbow
  • put dirty clothes aside
  • visor and mask
  • visor

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