Portable Pouch

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Carry your pictograms everywhere


The Portable Pouch is perfect for easily carrying your magnetic pictograms during an outdoor activity or outing. A polyester carrier that holds a mini magnetic panel to accommodate up to 8 magnetic pictograms (4 on each side). The magnetic panel is inserted in the carrier and protected by a clear vinyl pocket. A zippered pouch allows for convenient storage of pre-selected magnets for a given activity. You can put a dry-erase marker (not included) conveniently into one of the two pen holders. This portable system can be carried at the belt (using a snap ring) or at the neck (using a 36-inch lanyard).

  • 1 x polyester carrier with zippered pouch and marker holder
  • 1 x 2-sided mini magnetic board
  • 1 x snap ring
  • 1 x 36-inch lanyard

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