About Us

"You have to eat before you go to the park". I kept on repeating and repeating this sentence but Tom, my autistic son, was still shaking his head, refusing to go sit at the table. "Draw him a picture", suggested my wife. So with a pen and paper, I drew a picture of a plate and utensils, followed by a rough sketch of a playground. I repeated the same sentence but this time, I pointed at the images as I was speaking. Tom immediately sat down at the kitchen table to eat. At that moment, I realized how much an image could help my autistic son understand what I was saying.

Speech therapy, occupational therapy, ABA, appointments... being the parent of an autistic - or neurotypical - child is very time consuming. I needed images that were readily accessible, illustrations that I could carry around from one room to another and that could be used in various situations. 

The IDEOpicto bank of images now contains close to 3000 pictograms. Over a period of three years, with the progress of my son in mind, I drew, modified, and redrew all the images, one by one. Using as little colour as possible, these images are easy to understand and will help you create many sequences and social scenarios. The IDEOpicto Magnetic Portable Pictogram System is intended for both children and adults but is designed especially for parents, special education teachers or anyone working and helping children with pervasive developmental disorder (PPD), autism, or Asperger Syndrome. The objective of this system is to ease the communication and social integration for those people needing help.

The IDEOpicto Magnetic Portable Pictogram System is ready to use. No printing is required, no cutting, no glue, no Velcro or adhesive. The system is fully portable, magnetic and durable. Simply hang it on doorknobs, drawer handles, hooks or anywhere you need to make it visible. Just like the individual pictograms, the door hangers are also magnetic. You can stick them on your fridge, your file cabinet, your locker or any metallic or magnetic receptive surface.

Tom loves them. You will love them also.

Bernard Barrette
Father to Tom, Anthony and Marjorie